Getting found in a search engine is not that complex as most people might think, but chances are you might still be thinking or considering it a mammoth task that can never be possible except you spent a whole lot of cash, but reverse is the case.

Simply put, if your site isn’t being found in Google, you’re missing a major opportunity to generate leads for your business. In fact, your competitors probably getting most out of your negligence.

People searching on Google are actually looking for something, well this may sound a bit obvious, but in contrast, the focus is not only to get traffic but to create something people can benefit.

Remember, Google searchers are always looking for something, and this may be a product or service, information and specifically with a goal in mind. If what they are searching for is related to your business and relevant and their problems are solved. You are in for success!.

I realize it’s very important for you to really understand how this search engine’s brain works and how you can best use it to your advantage.


Google search engine literally has a piece of the little search box that accepts keywords. The following steps show how Google process every bit of characters entered by users.


⦿ The engine first looks through the billions of pages in its index and comes up with a list of results that are matches for the term entered by a user. For instance, if your type web marketing tool, there are about 22,100,000 results found related to the keywords. Once it has this list of pages, it sorts the list so the highest-quality results are at the top of the list and the lowest results are at the bottom, then follow by the ranking.

⦿ The ranking is based on the combination of two things, relevance, and authority. The relevance is a measure of how close a match of a given web page compared to the term found and this can best be screened, ranked and sorted in term of Title tags ( otherwise referred to as page title), the page content, and the anchor text of links to the page. With this measure being considered, another vital factor that roles in is the page authority.

⦿ The authority of the page on the hand is a measure of how significant and authoritative that given page is in the sight of Google itself. Google call this authority PageRank courtesy of Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google. PageRank is the measure of page’s credibility and importance. This authority can best be determined by the number of inbound links from other web pages and the authority of those pages linking back to your site.


In order to get better SEO authority, the secret is to get as many links as possible via many high authority sites as you can, and how do you get this links?. A simple answer to this is to CREATE A COMPREHENSIVE AND QUALITY CONTENT that are remarkable.


The first thing you want to examine is picking the right keywords related to your business or niche you are targeting and the best way to do this is to come up with different variations of keyword mostly relevant to your gig. Doing this will help optimize your website for relevance in terms of what users are looking for when they type into the search box for their search query.

The amount of traffic you want to drive to your site is dependent of how many people search for that term on Google. There is a free tool available to help you achieve it to the maximum, try to sign up is absolutely free. You can use this tool to help determine search volume for chosen keywords.


However, picking the best keywords may not be the final solution to battle for the top page of Google first ten ranking. You should also try to start with relevant keywords for your business, then determine what the estimated volume is for those keywords and how much competition there is for that chosen keyword.

If you are just starting your campaign or business, I will advise you, to begin with, the keyword that has relatively of low competition, doing this will allow you to build considerable authority for your web page and the keywords would then start ranking gathering momentum for higher volume keywords with more competition.

When choosing your keyword, it is important to think from the viewpoint of your potential customers, don’t just consider the site objective, think about what users searching for your business might type into Google search box.

The best way to keep track of your customer is by tracking and watching them in real time. Try to use Google analytics to see what terms visitors are already using to get to your site, doing this will give you the insights into potential keywords that you can add to your keyword lists.



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