Cost of graphic design service- can vary depending on the type of graphic work and design complexity, package type, design quality, features and many more.

Graphic Design Price Factors

Sometimes, customer wonders how graphic design work is charged and which factors are considered to come with a reasonable price for a specific projects. The following factors are the major determinant for price variations.

Number of formats, complexity of design / task, project type, number of design revisions ( limited or unlimited) , number of design concepts or versions, inclusion of artwork source file (editable file), the print or web ready or the combination of both.

Logo Pricing Guidelines

The price of logo sometimes can be simple or complex, the most important factors that every graphic designers like g16framework media considers are the "quality of design", "complexity of design", "the number of version or concepts required by the client", if "limited or unlimited revisions" is needed, "the need for source file (most client request this in case of any future change to the existing artwork or design)", and if the artwork is going to be published on the web or printed as hard copy.

The price may range from $100 to $5000

Stationary Material Pricing Guidelines

Stationary material designs could be business card, company letterhead, custom design envelope. The pricing set for these materials are no difference from the factors considered if quality and professionalism are vital and crucial to the client. Our stationary package comes with the combination of business card, letterhead and envelope.

The price may range from $70 to $1500

Brochure, Cover and Catalog Design Pricing Guidelines

The price for this set of task may vary depending on the kind of task client is interested. Price for cover design could be lesser compare to the task that requires the combination of cover and the layout design including pages. Generally, the design complexity, type of brochure (bi-fold, tri-fold), number of pages (booklet) may contribute immensely to the price variation for brochure / catalog project.

The price may range from $200 to $10000

Postcards, Flyers and Posters

If you are looking for a design that is crafted with company brand and need design that appeals to your target audience, then creative poster or flyer could come with a cost unlike the basic design or template. It could be promotional, professional, school, information, music, church, modern or even a retro and vintage design concept.

The price may range from $40 to $500

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