We specialize in building custom web application, eye-catching web design, graphic design, branding, web marketing, web copywriting, lead generating page design, e-commerce web development for small businesses and also help maintain your existing websites

G16framework media productions uses an effective solution require to coordinate our work and manages design strategy and aesthetic continuity, technicality and fully interprets and understand the functional limitation on any projects we work on. We generate, test and refine ideas with you.


We meet our client one on one or via internet

We meet with you and gather your project goals and requirements to guide the strategy of the design.

During our meeting, we generate a developing concepts to provide a foundation for making visual design decisions relating or relevant to your proposed project.

The good concepts help reinforces strategy and brand positioning that is appropriate for the audience you intended for your business.


We map out different approaches to the developmental stages of design.

We explore different developmental concepts by brainstorming a wide range of ideas as possible, and refining them through a number of development stages until you are left with those that solve the communication problem most effectively.

We generate graphic forms that starts with exploring a wide range of styles, colors, textures and imagery for preliminary evaluation of content.


We create a flowchart for design evaluation and element positioning.

We create a flowchart for better site visualization especially for larger web application with more than 10 pages. This can save us innumerable hours when working with a client that continually makes changes.


Generate site graphic the "comps"

We generate a rough rendering of thumbnails that explore the potential of forms, type, compositions, and elements based on client's project requirements.

We also create UI sketches, and elaborate the wireframes into page mock-ups and apply all the design techniques that generates a unified and visually appealing components for the web.

With comp handy, we present a clear digital phase of design brief and rough layouts for client consideration. Doing this help both us and you (our client) save lots of time, reach decision fast and help complete the development project on time with clarity.

Presentation of the design brief.

Create user friendly analysis" the semi-production phase".

A good designed website must be flexible and easily manipulative to create or add more functionality to the existing one without re-work. We do recognize the user analysis techniques as the major fundamental of great design.

Programming the front-end UI (using client-side code such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to create user experience in term of scalability, flexibility, accessibility and usability for all users..

Organizing, preparing all the collected information into client-centric readable code using stable web technologies.

Create front end model" the client-production phase".

Our service g16framework media

Solution implementation production, evaluation and maintenance phase.

Back end model

Programming the back-end application (using server-side code such as PHP, MySQL, etc.). This is where we consider all the requirements and bring the functionalities alive using the most stable and widely supported programs and technologies

Site testing

Testing, revising and re-test multiple times, using multiple browsers, including mobile devices until everything on the site looks and behaves exactly as the project design dictates

Site launching and maintenance

As the site design and function evolves and tested, we launch your site and ensure it is appropriately maintained and updated to keep it fresh and interesting to the returning visitor.