GSM SEO tool is a state of the art online optimization and marketing online SEO tool that comes with Alexa data, similarWeb data, whois data, social media data, Moz check, Dmoz check, search engine index, Google page rank, IP analysis, malware check, link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion.

This online tool also come with page status check, backlink creation/search, website ping, Google AdWord scraper that collectively shows web marketers exactly what matters in SEO, and how to fully analyze and interpret web data, and help you see how a search engine will evaluate your Website in real time.

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Eliminate Search Engine Road Block

The tool ensures your research result is visible and fix the problem that create search engine roadblocks  showing all the hidden problems that may have contributed to this by minimizing a code bloat.

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Full Blown Email Marketing Tool

This is tool not only measure up with SEO, it does some of the most complicated job of email marketing such as validating email, filtering email duplication, decode and encode email.

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Social Networking

This tool makes social media marketing a breeze, by taking advantage of the social network analytics features, thus,  give you the real time status of social marketing and the popularity of a specific page on your site.

You do it yourself and
become a pro SEO expert for less.

SEO is a huge field, with thousands of little details that come together to make a successful campaign. If you are looking to dig deeply into a real world of search engine marketing, email marketing, and optimization, GSM SEO  is a tool you must have handy and access to anytime.

You DO NOT need to pay through the nose or be supplied with fake and bogus SEO reports by so-called SEO experts our marketing system empowers you to do it yourself for less.

Visitor Analysis 80%
Social Network Analysis 92%
Rank and Index 87%
Email Validator 95%
Malware Scanner 88%

We Are Here To Help

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Emmanuel Smith SEO ANALYST
Highly skilled and well rounded in the world of search engine optimization with over 9 years in web marketing
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Full blown SEO and social analysis evangelist with over 8 years in social marketing and 11 years in Human Psychology
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The man behind the core blade of web analysis, online advertising guru, blogging and podcasting and mobile marketing.

GSM SEO Potential

STOP!, don’t be fooled by hucksters who offer to help you move up the ladder of the search engine rankings and also tricks you into adding thousands of links on hundred of websites, duplicating pages on your site; buying or stealing content from other sites and using it on yours; connecting you to linking networks where hundreds of sites exchange links.


There are over 25 API that can be integrated into any existing websites. This intuitive widget gives you a unique API key that can be incorporated into any application. Featuring: Get Content Overview Data, DMOZ Check, Facebook, Google+ Check , Linkedin Check, Xing Check, Reddit Check , Pinterest Check, Buffer check, Google Page Rank Check (any website), Bing Index Check, Yahoo Index Check (any website), Link Analysis Check (any website), Backlink Check,Google Safe Browser Check, McAfee Malware Check, AVG Malware Check Norton Malware Check, Domain IP Check and Sites in Same IP Check.


Tracks the position of a website for particular keyword everyday. This tool performs similar to "keyword position analysis" except users do not have to search every time they need to know the position. You can set your keywords & websites for tracking position once. Our system automatically get positions everyday base on your request.


The SEO utility is a must supporting tool for every SEO expert to aid the efficiency for email validation, email encoder & decoder, meta-tag generator, plagiarized check, duplicate email filter, URL encoder & decoder, robot code generator and widget generator.


You Scan any websites’ malware status easily. Check the site if affected by malware or not. Our tool applies four most popular malware scanning sites information.   You can check in Google Safe Browsing, McAfee, AVG and Norton


Backlink Generator This option creates backlinks in approximately 50 high ranking website. The tool creates backlink for your website. You will get the result of each backlink in a flash. Website Ping It allows search engine to know about your update of content of your blog or website. It’s super easy with this tool. This tool ping your blog or website's url to 99 pinging site.