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Keeping up with technological advancement

SEO web design gets it all together. Keeping websites above the stiff competition in the ever-evolving web space might seem like an unattainable goal to many, and too few, the solutions would be only to buy their way up using strategies like SEM (Pay Per Click). Keeping up with technological advancement has become a daily grind, but cooking your plan with required recipes could keep you above water.


PPC (Pay Per Click) Isn’t A Bad Idea Anyways

Pay-per-click does not provide value over time

A pay-per-click marketing strategy is not a bad idea, but in a world where many competitors are bidding for similar target keywords as yours, that idea will might not completely get the wrinkles out. If the goal is to remain on the web for a very long-time, you might want to consider applying the SEO techniques from the beginning of a project.

Remember, pay-per-click does not provide value over time, and in a constantly emerging marketing environment, you would need a lot of money to keep up if you chose to go through this route. In reality, there is just a ghost of a chance that your PPC’s goal will be there on time.

SEO-Compliant Fatique

SEO compatibility and its values

So you want a website that facilitates and speeds up external communication among customers. Your website has a split-second to capture the visitors’ attention and to deliver that A.I.D.A effect comes with having a well-thought-out and SEO-compliant web copy that effectively communicates and motivates people to act. It is not bad if you have spent thousands of dollars and created that beautiful idea, but it becomes useless if no one takes action on landing on the page. 

I am convinced that you can find a slew of information on SEO everywhere on the Internet. But if your website is not SEO-oriented, you might want to rethink it before spending a cent on your website.


What Makes Website SEO-Compliant?

Don't optimize just for the robot, think human too

Don’t forget search engine is a web application designed to hunt for specific keywords that are implemented within web pages. This software harvest these keywords, group them according to relevance and compare it with your website theme. And if found credible, you get the hit. So the more relevant your keywords and content are to the user’s query and intent, the better chance your page has in a search engine.

It’s not enough to have a website designed and optimized only for a robot without considering the consumer. So you want to ensure the website captures the audience once the robot finds your web page credible.

Website Assets

Bring value and satisfaction to the visitors

What Makes You Difference

What Makes You Different

One of the most valuable intangible assets of a website is its ability to grab the attention of the incoming visitors and make them take action. Building a strong SEO web design is both an art and science that requires the inclusion of the following practices:

  • Website page structure
  • Website structure fundamental
  • Keyword generation
  • Content creation
  • Link building

One of the greatest opportunities your website can possess is the assets, and positioning these assets to the target audience can help deliver the benefits that come with it.

Implementing The Assets

Be conscious of the important of web assets.

These highlighted practices when properly implemented collectively, you can proceed to build a community around it using the set resources listed below

  • Web community (Blog, Forum, Portal)
  • Social media (Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter)

So what are the basic guides I need to be aware of as a website owner.

The Design

Guide #1

Think Outside The

Conceptualized Ideas


Design and Layout: The question of who will design my website should come to mind. To help answer this question, it’s vital to understand that web design is not only about making aesthetics or looking good. It is the visual cue that matters and must be applied to communicate effectively. Use a web designer to help you lessen the complex challenges such as customization and other technical problems, even if you use a template.

Avoid Too Much Content: Avoid distracting visitors or viewers with too much content and annoying graphic elements. Visitors always respond positively to the calm clarity of content if organized and composed structurally.

Creating a Theme and Style: You want to create a theme and style that mirrors problem-solving having a wonderful-looking website design wouldn’t cut if the intended audience is out of the picture.

Design and Content: The style, look or feel of a website design is an essential component that makes people have expectations about what you do. Knowing what kind of visitors you want to attract influences many style decisions and messages (content) that come with it. Hired designers are responsible for the development of the creative concepts that express the message you as a business owner want to pass on to the intended audiences. When dealing with text, issues of legibility and readability are critical. The design and content must be simple and easy for the viewers to absorb and understand in a split second.

Define The Communication Problems

Guide #2

Seo Web Design Guide - Be Organized

Know Your Problem

Be organized and plan what your initial goals are, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my site’s main purpose? (It could be research, e-commerce, sharing information or brand promotion)
  • What are my site’s main keywords?
  • What are my long-term business goals?
  • How much content do I need to be competitive?
  • What is my message to the target audience?
  • What kinds of content do I need?
  • How you want your page to be organized to best compete in the target market segment.
  • How much do I have to spend to achieve my goal?

If you have all these in place and convinced that you are satisfied with them, then you may proceed with the planning.

Organize The Website Assets

Guide #3

Oh Img121

Be Organized

Great websites need insights to help the business interpret and make tactical decisions in the short run and strategic decisions in the long run. The success of this scope depends on how organized website assets are and how the assets are delivered to the potential visitors. Below are the list of valuable assets to include in a website:

  • Rich text content: To have a successful website campaign, you need keyword-rich content that would attract the attention, hold the interest and trigger desire and motivate the prospective visitors to your site. Ensure the content in every page is relevant to the theme of your website.
  • A visual timeline of services: This can be represented using infographics to illustrate what you offer. 
  • Frequently asked question: Provide a detailed faqs page to help customers understand how you can best solve the problems they are seeking. Keep this simple and clear. Ensure those questions are without bias and avoid including hypothetical questions that aren’t necessarily reliable or relevant.
  • Organization contacts: Facilitate customer interaction through the company contact and support centre. 
  • Organization reviews: Provide a clear and proven testimonial page to attract and retain customers. You need to earn customers’ trust and build loyalty.
  • Engage visitors: Provide link opportunities and assets by creating helpful contents relevant to the target industry e.g weekly article release about your service or product.

Balance The Needs Between Search Engine & Human

Guide #4

Seo And Human

Balance Between SE & Human

Designing a brilliant website for search engines isn’t enough. It must communicate what it should to the right audience. The SEO web design concept should balance the need to help people find your site and to make them want to do something. To implement quality control in your online website, the goal of generating traffic to your site and converting those people that arrive at the site must check the following concepts

  • Does the website communicate the key message and support the visiting client’s goal?
  • Does the website target both search engines and humans and do you set precedence in your website design considering these parameters?
  • Does your website implement and integrate effectively images, text to support that communication without distraction?
  •  Are the assets on the website easily accessible (clear site navigation) and easy to read or understand?
  • Is the piece appropriate to the target audience?

Every website design should be evaluated to test the effectiveness and quality of all the efforts put together into making your online campaign a success.

Rule of Thumb

Having a website online without a realistic result is like not having a web presence at all. The reason why you should go through an iterative development process by trying out different ideas (such as SEO Web Design Tactics) and visual approaches, compare and evaluate them, and select the best result-driven options before launching any site online.

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