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Graphic Design Faq

Who needs a logo?

The answer to this may be yes or no. The need for a logo depends on the goal, kind of attention, and impression you intend to give to your viewers. I consider a logo as an identity that should speak a whole lot about your business. 

How much does it cost to design a logo?

A great logo is different from just another clip-art graphic scraped from the Internet. The general belief is, you can get a logo template from $50 and up, depending on how you want it to be represented.


But a well-designed logo with a distinctive mark starts from $500 and up. You can go for this if you are to treat your customer with a perception of professionalism.

What is the difference between lettermark and wordmark?

Wordmark logo is a font-based logo ideal for a company with a short name or few characters. The lettermark is a character-based logo and it’s great for businesses with long names. Read more here

Will a logo matters to my business?

A logo does matter to a business looking to be unique, distinctive, and compete with the best in her industry. But if your business comes from words of mouth or another traditional archaic method, maybe the logo wouldn’t matter much.

How long does it take to complete a logo?

It depends on the logo preference and its complexity. However, we offer same-day, 48, 72, and 1-week delivery services for all our graphic design services. In case you still need more answers to be added on graphic design faq, please send your questions over to us.

What is the requirement for logo design?

The number one requirement is to have clear communication and a better understanding of your business. Besides, you would need to have the following details ready for any successful logo design campaign

  1. Type of services offered
  2. Type of logo design concept
  3. The appropriate slogan going with the brand
  4. Color theme
  5. Typography (a specific font that suits your need)
  6. Indicate if you want a thick, thin, or regular font-weight
  7. The company name
  8. Target audience

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More Graphic Design Faq

Do you offer a printing service on poster design?

Nope, we only offer design-only services. However, we offer print-ready posters or flyer designs for any project. We do include all print specifications that would need for your printing free of charge.


How much does it cost to design a flyer or poster?

Our charge varies, but we have included complete price ranges covering all our flyer and poster design services. You can check the list of prices for posters .

How much will it cost to make a professional business card?

We offer professional business card designs for all kinds of services. Price varies depending on the package. We have provided full detail on business card pricing here.


Do you offer revisions on design?

Yes we do. Send your request here.


Do you offer a free design service

Yes, only to our first-time client that purchases one of our web design services.

What size of business cards do you design?

Single and double-sided business card design. It comes in a horizontal and vertical orientation with varying sizes. All our designs come with a print-ready business card package.

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