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Graphic Designer Challenge – Common Questions to Ask Your Client

Graphic Designer, a Problem Solver

A problem-solving attitude and the ability to deliver the information effectively to the desired audience define who you are as a graphic designer.

To handle the puzzle of visual communication successfully, you must familiarize yourself with some basic questions when dealing client. Remember!, you are in a business that is iterative in nature.

Common Questions to Ask Clients

Question 1

What kind of business does the client do?


You are expected to use your initiative as a thinker and problem solver to implicitly gather business related question pertaining to the client you are meeting for the first time.

  • Get the business name
  • The type of business,
  • Employee capacity
  • The telephone number, email address, and web address if any.

You will need to communicate effectively with your client and establish a professional relationship that would help facilitate the workflow in the long run.

Question 2

What products or services does the client intend to offer to her prospective customers?


Collect information like:

  • Business objectives
  • Business category of interest
  • Product or services offer

Question 3

What is the client business contact information if any?


You will need this information just in case you want to create a specific advertising design material that may require you to implement the contact information of the client. A valuable resource when you design business card, posters, or postcards.

Question 4

What is/are the project objective(s) ?


The project objectives and goals are the major policies you don’t want to leave out. You need to get the design main intention to enable you to sail through when conducting research and to re-evaluate any possible competitor analysis.

Note: the goal could be short or long-term depending on the business expansion or size.

Question 5

What does the client’s wish to achieve with the design?


The client intention for the design you embark on is important, knowing this before you go deeper in the process saves a lot of time and resources. Always disclose and carry your client along to understand the extent of the project to avoid unbearable surprises.

Question 6

What is your client’s target audience?


The implication of the design in relationship to the audience profile is a must for any successful project.

Ability to design eye-catching posters, business cards, and any advertising material does not imply you get the design right. The design judgment is only pertinent if it communicates visually to the right audience. There must be a correlation between the customer’s perception and the overall design concept.

Question 7

Are there any corporate guidelines or measure I need to observe.?


Make sure you get the recollection for the color scheme,the choice of typography (font family), and branding.

Question 8

Does this design require more than one format?


You want to make sure you get it right from the beginning. The variation and number of design format should affect your pricing. Make it clear if your client final goal is toward the web, print or even both. Example – brochure design ( e-brochure or print out brochure) should have different pricing.

Learn about how to determine the right price professionally by visiting our graphic design pricing page.

Question 9

Would your client require limited or unlimited revision?


Time is money and very valuable, you want to get the right answer from this for proper planning and time management. You may charge more for this if you feel like providing an unlimited revision for the project.

Question 10

When would your client want the project delivered.?


The delivery time is crucial in any project, endeavor to push your inquisitive by asking when the task will be delivered, and if known, ask your client to specify the time line.

Question 11

What is the budget and who will approve of this project.?


You need to know how to evaluate your effort and gauge your skill set with the client offer.

“Asking the right question helps define the communication problem and resolve them on the get-go, leaving you and your client no surprises.  

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