How Covid-19 Pandemic Changes The Small Business Ecosystem

Business Reimagination Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Business New Normal

All across the world the most vulnerable of pandemic anytime it strikes is the small-medium enterprises due to the barriers and less supports available for this sector when it matters most. As the world is being forced to adjust to this unprecedented social and business restructuring, there is no doubt this won’t create a sort of friction between your business and finances.

Some businesses that thrive well in a traditional way with zero online presence would not fit into this new norm of social distancing, remoteness, and restructuring. To them, this is a baptism of fire and gordian-knot so to speak for them to survive.

But there could be a silver lining and light at the end of the tunnel if most small business owners are resilient and willing to take on this new norm and embrace the new way of operating business



From my experience, the following industries hit the most

  • Apparel & Accessories – business in this category includes dry cleaners, jewelers, clothing stores, shoe stores
  • Automotive Industry – those affected gravely are new and used cars dealer, auto parts suppliers, auto mechanics, auto body repair and paint shops.
  • Business and Professional Service Providers – in this category, the lawyers, notaries, pharmaceutical and drugstore, loans and credit service providers, accounting and bookkeepers are among those feeling the heat and scourge of this new normal.
  • Construction and Renovation – the construction materials and building suppliers, building contractors, excavators, general contractors, home improvement and renovations, roofers, plumbers, and plumbing contractors are not exempted from this melt-down.
  • Restaurant and Food Stores – if you owe a pub, licensed lounges, coffee shops, cafes terraces, bars, fast food restaurants, pizza shop, buffet, natural and organic food stores, dairy and ice cream, and dessert stores, then you would be dreaded to endure the hard pounding of the Coronavirus as none of these business outlets prepare for this crisis or difficulty.
  • Health & Medicine Industry – If you are a dentist, periodontists, endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, nutrition consultants, dietician, or you own a health and fitness training business. The impact would be felt even harder as social distancing is a de-facto here.
  • Personal care industry – services such as beauty & health spas, estheticians, hairdressers & beauty salons, hair stylists, nail salons, tanning salons, and hair removal won’t have it easy in this melt-down.
  • Transportation – the trucking & freight service provider have come to a grinding halt and since service offers are dependent on human-human interaction, with the lockdown and social-distancing in place. The steepening in the severity of the recession is by far the worst thing that will happen to this industry.

Small Business Owner Prospects

What Now?

covid-19 confusion
Confusion caused by the pandemic

To most, this is the most worse time in history, but to a few, it is an opportunity to make amend in the cracks. The following are a few things you can start working on if you have never thought of doing so.

Business Feasibility

  • Decide whether you need a website or your existing website needs modification, you do this by weighing in a cost-benefit analysis to ascertain whether the benefits are worth the associated costs.  
  • Gather some facts regarding your current business and what you need to do in terms of restructuring and business alignment concerning the current situation.

Business Analysis

  • As a business owner, you need to determine the purpose, target audience and proposed content and functionality for the entire site. You may be wondering why this is important, of course, it is a complete reset to your business on deciding what is needed and top priority.
  • Let the expert helps you do the fact-gathering, perform a cost-benefit analysis, and conduct intensive models that work for your business repurpose online.

With most service requires face time with clients, this is the best time to rethink, reform and restructure your business model especially when this pandemic is beating everyone at their own game.

Placing Your Business on The PLATTER

What You Need to Get Off This Hook

Most business owners or entrepreneur may wonder why do I need a website in this crisis, how can this help get me off the hook when there is no platform to interact or meet with clients.

The simple answer to this depends on 

  • the outcomes you expect from your business
  • the tasks you perform on a daily basis

Outcomes You Expect From Your Business

The expectation of having a website as a restaurant owner compares to that of real estate manager might be different but the major goal is to make you more money, convince people of your point of view, get you more fans, provide support for existing customers, unite people who share your interests or create an online presence for your brand.

Website as a Tool

Now when the major businesses on the lockdown, the only communication tool that you require to bring your business back from the state of limbo and makes it work like a beaver is a website. This is needed to help achieve the goals you perhaps set for your business. This tool can perform a variety of tasks and subversively eliminate the gap of social distancing and bringing you prospective customers back to you.


You can treat your website as your business diary online, slideshow, business card, billboard, and communication stream.

Online business


How a Website as a Tool Will Help Your Business During Covid-19 Pandemic

  • You start by creating a web presence online, gather your thoughts about your business already created by you and transfer all this online.
  • Create your online brand using unique creativity that actually represents the kind of service you offer.
  • Create a professional-looking static or dynamic website with an objective-oriented description and title for better visibility most relevant to what your intended audience is looking for.

Task You Perform Daily Replicated By The Web

The task you intend to perform is dependent on the kind of business you have and with the proper planning in place, the sky is the limit.

Restaurant owners, for instance, can still connect with their customers online using an online booking portal to sell their items to a wide range of customers.

The financial and legal service providers can also connect with their existing clients or attract new ones through this medium virtually under this lock-down condition.

Once you’ve got your purposes of putting your business on a global and virtual stage, the usability part of it will be based on increasing visitor satisfaction, which determines whether or not the visitors stay on your site and return to it later. 

If you want to save your business from being crush in a state of limbo and need to create exposure for it with high usability factors, why not send me your request and see how you can transform your business from the onslaught of coronavirus.


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