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Web Navigation

Navigation is the block that display links that direct visitors to different part of a web page. It links together various web pages organized within the <nav> element with the aid of hypertext to maximize usability and accessibility.

Design your header block with large number of navigation templates. Drag-and-drop any style of choice.

Keep your link short to at least four to five blocks in a row.

Web Page Sliders

Beautify your website with a slideshow – a revolving carousel that displays or showcase items in different slides. Use this web component to display price of a product, new portfolios, latest design or any professional business ideas in styles.

Web Page Hero Section

Web page builder comes with a wide selections of hero section design. This type of block element normally contain text, banner image in the background and bold text-title and short description about the background if any and a lead-conversion CTA button. It is the first thing that appeals to the visitor when website is visited.

Page Content Section

Content section of a web page usually contain unique content about what the company offers in a summarized and more precised way. It can store an image, short description about what you offer, text link or button link. The content block layout could be split into 2,3 column depending on the volume of information you have to display within that section.

Page Features Block

Feature page is one of the most important web page sections that engage potential visitor or reader to get involve in what you have to offer. It is a descriptive web-page-section of a website.

A creative and well-organized featured page should have at least two columns with an image placeholder, a short description about service or product, and sometimes an icon describing the item in display.

Text & Title Block

Text and title content block are another great web component that draw visitor to your web page. It consists of single title block and content with few paragraphs.

Content in this block should be short, concise, natural and gives the reader valuable experience that provides some form of value.

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