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Reality About Keywords

Keywords mastermind is released to show you the ingenious approaches, intelligent plans, and tactics you would need to work like a “beaver and beat the living daylights out of your rivals” on SERP (search engine results page).

Keywords are the brain and root finder of any business online and the “harbinger” and connector that attracts both the search engine and human to your doorstep.

One external source refers to the keyword as a descriptor and index term that captures the most crucial title of a document (Wiktionary).

You need to appreciate the origin of this phrase, then, maybe you can take a step back to know how important it is and the compliance of this term within a specified document.

Keyword Planning

You may have read online or listened to a pod-cast and the list goes on about keyword preparation. But effective planning widely depend on the level of expertise of anyone undertaking the course of search engine campaign and as a result, may reflect different outcomes including ranking. If you are in this boat with me, let’s rock the boat together and paddle along with the following creative steps to plan for keywords effectively:


The fundamental goal of effective keyword planning is to earn the best result and have all the rich keywords most relevant, trending, highly profitable, informational and transactional and above all infuse them appropriately within your document as a descriptor.


The goal here is to establish the right index words to plan around your market regardless of what you might think, undoubtedly, the objective of every business is to make a sale through potential prospects not actually for search engines.

2. Identify Key Phrases You Want to Rank For

Next on the line is to select keywords the website want to rank for, but DO NOT FORGET that the selection must be customer friendly.

  • Select your keywords and decide if you want to use short key phrases(head terms) or long index terms (long-tail phrases) as the core. Blend both together to generate a large amount of website traffic if you would.

Head terms are short keyword usually in one or two words associated with high volume and competitive.

Long terms are the opposite, usually in three, four or sometimes six key phrases combine together to form a search term with a lower search volume

3. Analyze Competitors

It’s time to hit the Internet and rock the boat, have your core keywords handy and prepare for snooping and spying using the following tools to identifies keyword ideas based on what your competitors are bidding for and what they rank for organically on any major search engines.

But first, you need to know exactly what you are looking for, of course, anyone can hit the Internet and search for whatever pointlessly without prior intensive knowledge and focus. Just checking,you need to “hit the nail harder” and know what you are looking for in your competition.

What Are You Looking For?

  • The position of the competitor with the chosen terms
  • The number of ranked organic keywords
  • Keywords their other competitors also rank for
  • The keyword ranking history since the target site was first launched
  • Top highest converting pages that feature the index terms
  • Organic keywords the target competitors are ranked for
  • Competitors keywords that just fell off the first page
  • Which keywords just made it to the first page of the SERPs
  • The keywords THEY ARE NOT ranking for
  • Keywords predominant amidst the competition

Reverse Engineer Via Source Code

You need to revisit the search engine results page, look for the competitors’ web page that is/are listed on the SERPs especially the top-five. Follow the step below to extract the keyword buried in their title, and description tag.


Search term "Edmonton Accountant" with 1-5 results.

Right click and select view page source from the browser. You should have something similar to what is shown below

Showing the source codes with keywords in meta description and title

Apply The Spy Tools to Analyze Your Competition

There are lot of competitive research tool you can use for free to perform your analysis. You may try any of the below tools for a start. But for the purpose of this short article, I have used Spyfu to perform competition analysis for “Edmonton Accountant” on competitor’s link –

keyword ranking history
Showing Keyword Ranking History for "Edmonton Alberta"

The figure above shows the keyword metrics and behavior of the search terms for 2 years span for both paid and organic SEO, it also indicated clearly the best ranking position and date it first ranked, the keywords competitors are bidding for through paid advertising  PPC, the cost per click and ranking difficulty for that terms.

most valuable keywords
Figure Showing The Most Valuable Keywords and The Current Ranking

The figure above shows the dynamic of the current ranking keyword “Edmonton accountant” and the corresponding ranking difficulty and the search and click volume per month.

But wait, the purpose of this is to spy on the organic keyword competitor actually ranked for, and not to pay too much attention on other metrics even though they are not to be undermined.

The keyword list for organic rankings should be an excellent reference for your ongoing keywords farming.

Organic Keyword
Organic Keyword Ranked for

Note, you can also use tools like Google Trends, Bing keyword tools to find additional keywords ideas that are not available in other sources.

4. Harvest All Your Keywords

In addition to what you already have, you may dig deeper to harvest for more keywords to create a pool of key phrases required to build a functional niche-vocabulary or keyword-theme.

The reason for this is to create diverse option and opportunity to try and experiment with long-tail strategies when building contents for web page. 

Watch out for the next part of this article, where you will learn the strategies and best practices you need to forge ahead powerfully and topple your competitors.


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