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Implement the right web features into launching a web site

Guides to Launching Your Site


Phase One

The first step you take in launching a website with G16HTML site builder is to ensure the following steps are taken

  1. Step one check if all the dummy content in the template is fully modified and reconfigured.
  2. Step two ensure you have created keyword-driven and high-quality content, and apply the relevant keyphrase within.
  3. Fill the SEO meta-tag with the required information (title, description and keyword)
  4. Export the design and save in JSON format (this is critical if you have to redesign or edit content later (importing)

Phase Two

6. Carefully set up how you would store visitor data by selecting the right email platform or use the free regular option.

7. If everything looks good, proceed to zip your file

8. Unzip the files into the root directory of your server. Go with this option if you know what you are doing or

9. Send the zip file or exported JSON file to us via THIS LINK to integrate the required premium digital marketing features or custom website features


Phase Three

11. Zip both the JSON file and the default zip file containing all your design together and compress them altogether.

12. Proceed to CUSTOMIZE MY DESIGN page to complete request.

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