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Project Milestone

1. Research and planning

2. Design and wireframing

3. Front-end development

4. Back-end development:

5. User registration and authentication

6. Listing creation and management

7. Implementing a search functionality that allows users to search for specific classified ads based on various criteria.

8. Payment integration

9. Messaging system: It includes implementing features such as message notifications and a user-friendly messaging interface.

10. Testing and debugging

11. Deployment and launch: This final milestone involves deploying the website to a hosting server and making it accessible to the public. It includes configuring the server, setting up domain and SSL certificates, and launching a marketing campaign to promote the website.

12. Ongoing maintenance and updates: After the website is launched, this milestone involves regular maintenance to ensure its smooth operation. It includes updating software dependencies, monitoring website performance, and addressing any user feedback or feature requests.


Event and booking workshop

Milestone continues...

7. Testing and quality assurance

8. Content creation and integration

9. User acceptance testing (UAT)

10. Deployment and launch

11. Post-launch support and maintenance


  • Develop an effective website design
  • Leverage SEO techniques
  • Establish a content strategy
  • Implement website optimization techniques
  • Monitor and track website performance
  • Utilize social media
  • Easy navigation
  • Messaging system
  • Social login
  • User friendly interface
  • Responsive design
  • Listing system
  • Optimized loading times
  • Payment system
  • Search and filtering
  • Geolocation listing
classified ad listing website design

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