San Marco
Restaurant Website

Restaurant website designed for san marco restaurant in Wainwright

San Marco, an Italian restaurant, hopes to elevate customer service. With this platform, customers will be able to order, reserve tables, and pick up food at their preferred location. When ordering, customers can tip the delivery boy or kitchen workers conveniently. In order to ensure optimal performance, the restaurant is regularly maintained with security updates, bug fixes, and performance tests.

Creative Background

Project Milestone

  • Gathering requirements and setting goals
  • Analyzing user requirements
  • Planning and information architecture
  • Designing and developing functionalities
  • Designing the website
  • Adding Content
  • Implementing content management systems
  • Ensuring cross-platform compatibility
  • Testing the website
  • Troubleshooting content and functionality issues
  • Creating back up files for website recovery
  • Reviewing and delivery
  • Maintenance and updates
  • eCommerce
  • Payment module
  • Order tracker
  • Reserve table
  • Order delivery

Custom Order Delivery. Pickup. Reservation

  • Develop an effective website design
  • Leverage SEO techniques
  • Establish a content strategy
  • Implement website optimization techniques
  • Monitor and track website performance
  • Utilize social media
  • Tips module
  • Custom order
  • Menu special
  • Location tracker
  • Delivery per location
  • Consumer reviews
  • Delivery fees
Restaurant website designed for san marco restaurant in Wainwright

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