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Learn more about how important a well-written web copywriting is to the success of your website

Web Copywriting Faqs
Why is web copy important to your website?

Web copy is the lifeline of your website, and in most cases, it is what search engines scoop and digest by the users to rank your website. 

1. It is crucial to have a unique web copy because well-written content will help increase brand awareness and persuade the prospective audience to take a specific action.

2. It is a yardstick to success and what makes a business like yours unique from the competition.

3. An action-driven content can attract experts in the chosen industry to link your site.

4. It determines if your business will make that sale or increase its leads.

How long does it take to make a web copy?

The time it takes to write authentic content vary with one of the following factors:


1. Number of words on the web page


2. Overall target pages to write 


3. Optimization of the written content (this is optional) For instance:

  • 300 words – 24 hrs 
  • 301 to 500 – 48 hrs 
  • 501 to 1000 – 72 hrs 
  • Over 1000 – more than 80 hrs


Nonetheless, writing niche-inclined content can take a considerable amount of time. If the goal is to convey the right message to the audience.

How much does web copywriting cost?

The cost of web copywriting varies depending on:


1. The number of pages on your website


2. The number of words per page


3. The type of websites (a personal website or eCommerce website)


4. Whether you want the written content optimized with specific keywords.

Why do I need a professional to write my web copy?

A web copy is an essential part of search engine recipes. If done right, it will allow you to do the following:


1. Create powerful online sales copy


2. Attract the desired audience to take specific actions


3. Convert visitors into potential customers


4. Amplify the interest and desire to do something that may lead to sales.


5. Deal with technical issues such as bounce rate increases your sales and drive more traffic.

What is the difference between web copy and SEO

A web copy is a subset of SEO and content marketing. While the web copy is taking care of the authenticity, quality, and users’ action influences, SEO in its space is applying the required techniques to make the well-written piece acceptable to the search engines. 


Search engine optimization also helps in fine-tuning website elements for search engines.


Content marketing promotes the web copy to large crowds on social media, listing sites, and other content promotion platforms.


What information do I need to provide for web copy?
If you are hiring a professional, provide the information below: 

1 The objective of your website (what defines the business)


2 The number of pages


3 Keyphrases or keywords of choice 


4 List of target competitors in the same industry as you (keeping the list to a maximum of 5).


What is the difference between copywriting and web copy?

Copywriting is the traditional way of writing a piece containing texts on advertising promotional material like brochures, flyers, billboards, and websites.


A web copy is connecting and engaging users through valuable content online. And don’t forget Google rewards pages with rich content.

Why updating a website copy is important?
Fresh content and frequent web copy updates can be helpful in the following ways:

1 Tracks the behavior and authority of every page on a site.


2 Measures the page response to user experience


3 It helps you check against highly-ranked or popular competitors to see how they redistribute content on their sites.


4 To correct and remove any sloppy piece on web pages


What is web copywriting?

A web copy or web copywriting is an effective form of marketing with a well-written, unique and engaging piece rich in keywords and relevant to the business. It is what drives the interest of visitors and converts them to potential leads.



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