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We create, design, connect, promote and repair a business’s brand or reputation on the internet. G16framework Media also offer start-up web services with free domain + web hosting + pro email for 365 days.

Our goal is to create a platform for all business service providers seeking affordable web design services without compromising the quality it deserves.

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Web Development Services

Web Solutions.

GMP offers the best and complete web services with some perks you would need as smallPreneurs to be competitive in your industry.

HTML Websites

HTML websites, an affordable option for small business owners looking to build a website, not more than 1-5 pages. Get real with your business and start to connect the right way with basic HTML stress-free websites.

E-commerce Websites

Create a secured and firewall-proof eCommerce store for you today. The online store is becoming popular ever than before, so is the challenge of store insecurity. Let’s develop a secured and hack-free custom shopping store for you.

Corporate Websites

Creative, scalable, and optimized website design that is industry-focus is the best thing you can do for your business to survive. Get in touch with us whether you are just starting a business online or need to redesign an existing one.

Lead Capture Pages

Every business owners need a responsive and high conversion page other than the traditional website. Get the visitor’s attention without distraction with sales-funnel landing page design.

Mobile App Development

Grow Faster.

Reach millions of potential customers using a mobile platform for your existing website. G16framework can convert your website into a robust mobile application. Customers can download your brand app on Google Playstore or App store.


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Digital Marketing


Get the traction you need to beat the competition using quality digital marketing strategies that work. Build back better customer experience, content creation and rebuild the damaged reputation fast.

Email Marketing

Build a dependable relationship with real people that are looking for your services. E-mail marketing is a one-stop solution that remains an inevitable communication technique on the Web. Since people can’t do without checking e-mail daily, you can count on it to boost your brand.

Social Marketing

Connect with your fan locally with a social media platform to promote products and services to the larger audience near your business location. Increase the awareness and boost your leads and sales.

Content Marketing

Retain potential clients with keyword-rich and engaging content that would keep them coming back. Our content marketing strategy promotes, distributes, and connects content on your website to the target audience fast online.


Online Reputation Management

How your business is perceived online can make or break your brand. It thus affects leads and sales too. The reason why online reputation management is vital in monitoring and improving your business character is to know what customer or partner is saying about your services on the Internet.

Result-driven market repositioning

Marketing Research

Marketing research is the backbone of all marketing strategies. We keep it simple, readable, and comprehensive. We make honest business SWOT analysis, target audience, strategies, tactics, and budgeting that fit your online profile.

Bring your brand close to heart.

Mobile Marketing

Target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices using a mobile app, SMS, social media platform, and MMS to generate leads for your business. Mobile marketing is the best fit for this.

Find Web Service That Works for You

Choose a Service Plan.

Let’s give you the best and deliver a complete web solution highly recommended by most small businesses and larger corporation online today.




Most popular for newbies online business owners.

  • Hosting & Domain
  • Email Integration
  • Website Solution
  • Web Maintenance
  • Content Support
  • Blogging
  • Digital Markeiting
  • Mobile Application
  • Full-stack SEO Support
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The complete web solution you CAN'T get anywhere on the web.

  • Hosting & Domain
  • Email Integration
  • Website Solution
  • Web Maintenance
  • Content Support
  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Full-stack SEO
  • Brand Repositioning
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Frequently Asked

Why the monthly plans?

Monthly plan is the smart way to save big. You get to keep your domain and hosting services even if you discontinue the plan.

What happens if I stop paying?

Visitors can still access your domain online even if you had pulled the plug from the monthly plan. You will only lose the right to host the domain for the time being.

What do I need to provide to get started?

Your name, business name of choice, target industry, business contact,  at least 5 keyword of choice and logo if any.

How do I pay for your service?

You can pay using PayPal or fill up the request form to send you the e-invoice containing the job description and payment information.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Send us a request to cancel your subscription a month before the cancellation.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services.

Building, maintaining, and marketing a website are not only overwhelming in quantity, but they’re growing by leaps and bounds every day. Discover how to put your products in front of customers by changing your focus to traffic; discover how to avoid spam tactics that could hurt your site. See what we offer to help you grow online.

Rank Fast

Keyword Planning & Mapping

We use keyword planning and mapping to discover the ranking keywords relevant to your domain. The ranking keywords method allows discovering the list of keyphrases that a domain can rank for in search engines.

Wipe Off Website Glitches

Technical Website Audit

Get complete insight into your website. Website audit shows the full analysis of all the factors that affect a website’s ranking, visibility, and performance.


Content Optimization

Writing quality content for both search engines and human require effective content optimization. We do optimize the relevant keywords using mapping and planning strategies to put your content in front of the target audience and search engine.

Introduce Your Brand Better

Meta Tag Optimization

The meta tag is the content descriptor that tells the search engine all about your website. Optimizing the title and description of every page on a website is the most important factor for ranking in search engines.

Build An Asset not A Website

Link Building

Turn your website into an online asset. Build a link prospect for your business. We use competition evaluation, quality link acquisition, a useful anchor text application, and content marketing to build quality links back to your site.


Web Page Authority

Internal Link Optimization

Internal linking optimization is like a web of links within your site, connecting pages using the right anchor text. It is an effective way of building page authority and relevance for better ranking in search engines.


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