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I Am On Budget

It takes less than 5 seconds to impress

Website budget? I don’t need an expensive website because I am on a budget. Well said. Have you thought of the quality and reputation of your business, the target market, and positioning? If these functions are critical to your website, then you may want to think again and know that it takes less than 5 seconds to impress the next visitor to your website. 


Template Website Will Do Just Fine.

Cost of building a successful online campaign

It’s a good measure to work with a budget in mind, even if it takes building a website for free. Who cares? Some business owners would say that, as long as I have my website published on the Internet, people will visit. No doubt, templates are great for those who know what they are doing. Who are those people? Experienced web designers, programmers, or someone with a little bit of this and that on HTML and CSS. If you are lucky enough to make those lists, what about saving for rainy days?

There is a popular saying that goes – cut your coat according to your cloth. No doubt, this is a powerful expression that helps guide spending instinct in accordance with one’s financial limitation. However important it sounds, it may not necessarily be the same when drawing a comparison between opportunity costs and marginal cost of building a successful online campaign. The same notion is applied to a website designed professionally or obtained cheaply somewhere online on a budget.

I Planned My Websites Well Enough

Inexpensive website plan.

Having a beautiful website is great but did your plan cut the deals on the Internet? Does your website contain the core regarding competitions and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value?

Small business owners that I have met in my line-of-work have one adjective in common – inexpensive. The harsh reality is, your business will never make it to the top or drive the traffic or convert those leads you wanted no matter how much you tried with an inexpensive website plan. If those plans don’t contain what customers need and want through creating, offering, and freely exchanging products and services of value with customers visiting the website.


The Professional Does It

Making a result-driven website design

If you don’t want to get the booby prize for your online reputation, mark my word, leave the pain to the professional, and set the record straight from the beginning. There is no point crying over the spilled milk. A result-driven website design requires a lot of due processes and planning with zero tolerance to shortcut. 

Try and consider the challenge of building a good reputation and managing it, fixing and maintaining technical problems such as deprecated web codes and a slew of cyber attacks, and connecting the business to the potential audience. These challenges drive most business owners nuts on the web when reality checks in. Why not let the website professional breathe new life into your business.

Be Honest with Your Website Budget

Shift customer’s demand to a more desired state

Whichever route you intend to take to represent your business online, one thing that would never change is the difference in the result. So it’s worth noting to recognize that every establishment on the Internet must satisfy customers with eight different demand states (negative, non-existent, latent, declining, irregular, full, overfull, and unwholesome demand).

To better understand these customer states of mind, online business owners must identify the underlying cause(s) of the demanding state of the visiting customers and determine a plan of action to shift customer’s demand to a more desired state. This transition is what sets a successful website from the one struggling. If a business is ready to face the new marketing realities, then one should consider quality over quantity.

Website Cost Alternatives

Do yourself a solid 

It is no doubt a website designed professionally can cost hundreds, thousands, or more depending on the project complexity and goal it intends to reach. But remember this, the high cost of web design does not necessarily translate to great success.

How your website is designed, arranged, and planned to meet your target audience are the features that must be taken into account when planning a budget for a website. Before spending a dime or considering any alternatives, you should do yourself a solid by setting a bar between customer’s needs, wants, and demands for your services. 

Website Prices and Budgets Variance

The choice you make

Now that you understand the pros and cons of the website budget, I think it is worthy to have more information pass across to let you get a glimpse of innate qualities in the choice you make.

1. Do It Yourself D-I-Y Between $25 – $50

No labor costs are required. Be ready for any surprises that include knowing some programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL) with a steep learning curve.

2. Get a Template at $65

Low cost, but customization may require design and HTML knowledge. You are in all alone.

3. Get a Website Builder Between $80 – $750

With this option, you will get a well-built website template with the feel of being a good designer. You do not need to worry about coding. But one big thing that is missing, when troubles (issues with design, customization, search engine optimization, and other technical problems) not exclusive loom you have to deal with this by yourself. Sometimes, it cost a fortune to fix.


4. Hire a Professional Web Designer  $2000 – $20000

If this is your choice, do some digging before hiring a pro. Nowadays, finding trustworthy web developers can be daunting. However, this choice gives you the window to dictate the type of design, content, optimization, and platform of interest you want for your website.

All the pressing web-related issues will be handled accordingly by the web agency you hire. But it can be costly. Does it worth it? The ball is in your court.

Word of Advice

Do yourself a solid 

  1. Always avoid free web hosting. Purchase the right domain name and hosting from the trusted service provider. 
  2. Know how much your online business worth and go for it
  3. Timing is everything, plan it, and research it to meet the needs, wants and demands of potential customers.
  4. Understand the theme of your business and incorporate that concept before buying a domain, designing, and writing a copy for your site.
  5. Weigh budget against the market, know if the target market is worth your time and wallet.
  6. Do your research, brainstorm, and educate yourself about the competitions.
  7. Articulate the reputation, invest in it and manage it well.
  8. Know who is going to do the housekeeping and security
  9. Be creative with your decision
  10. Start earning

Rule of Thumb

Whichever alternative you pursue to bring your idea alive on the web, you must always consider the customers' state of demand, needs, and wants. The market you are targeting, value, and satisfaction visitors would derive when they visit without surprise; would make an effective website budgeting.

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