Websites Builder Components

Websites builder canvas lets you design any websites for free.

User Interface


Design Mode

There are three user-interface modes that change the way you interact with each of the web components.

2. Block Mode when activated makes it possible to drag and move the entire block elements around the canvas.

3. Edit Contents Mode: the block allows the modification of existing contents on the template. When activated, the inherent dummy contents can be edited easily.

4. Change Style Mode comes with great functionalities that allows you to define custom properties and set values to any selected element.

Tasks Interface

5. Export/Import: Export or import your files on completion in JSON format. You can import an existing json file and continue editing where you first stopped.

6. SEO: Search engine optimization task bar is very crucial for website exposure and visibility in the search engines. Defining meta-tags (page title, page description, keywords and page author) correctly before zipping your design is crucial to web development.

Zipping Design

Exporting your design is a great way to have all your template zip in one file and upload into the root server. However, you should endeavor to perform the following simple task

  1. Decide how you want your website forms will store user-input data, do this by selecting free or third-party email integration platforms
  2. Fill the corresponding space and enter the required values in the box provided
  3. Change the website favicon by clicking on the “change favicon” button

There are free resources links attached right below each elements.

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