what is an SEO specialist

What is an SEO Specialist?

summarized duty of search engine optimization expert

SEO Specialist In a Nutshell

An SEO specialist (search engine optimization expert ) is skilled and results-driven personnel hired to create strategies, develop tactics and conduct various testing method iteratively in design and layout for the purpose of gaining the most organic and paid traffics, increase visibility, and establish powerful branding footprint on the web.

seo job with many titles

Designation of SEO Experts

The search engine optimization job designation may be a little bit confusing depending on the definitive role taken on by the individual. An SEO specialist may be called to function as a digital marketing specialist, a PPC manager, content strategist, or by and large as an SEM specialist. A tall order if you would, but, as an authority, you need to channel your energy in one special area and perfect it.

Taking The Right Path

Becoming an SEO specialist is great, but doing the job as an expert require you to have “a lot on the ball“, that includes being dexterous and having the ability to function on any designated role because, all of these tasks aim at one major goal – conversion, increasing the ROIs, visibility, and ranking in the search engine.

The most important thing a webmaster should know is, the overall objective of search engine marketing or optimization is NEVER CHANGE and to do this, you must know how to:

  1. Code or interpret basic HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), XML(eXtensible Markup Language), and Javascript within the web page.
  2. Infuse the relevant keywords within content where possible substantially.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the different auditing tools and know how to use them.
  4. Write content that is engaging and flow naturally with the audience.
  5. Be patient, consistent and pragmatic.

In order to picture yourself in the right office of authority as an SEO Specialist, you should familiarize yourself with the responsibilities, challenges and goals each role face.

Diversities in SEO Job Description

Understanding Who They Are

Let’s call a baptism of fire for a newbie who is just starting out to be an SEO strategist, but, you can do this if only you could match your skill set with what it takes to be one.

But first, let take a step back to recognize how people address SEO specialist using a different role-inclined title to form a new set of designation for them, that includes the following:

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist
  2. SEO Specialist
  3. Content Strategist
  4. PPC Manager

Who is a digital marketing specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

digital marketing strategist

An SEO specialist can play the role of a digital marketing specialist if you are conversant with the marketing strategy that involves the creation, sharing, and promotion of digitalized advertising materials in form of blog, product ads, videos, e-brochures e.t.c to stimulate or arouse the interest of the prospective customers with your products or services.

You should gear up to assume this position if you have the:

  1. Ability to analyze landing page performance and behavior of users on website.
  2. Identify areas of improvement and articulate conversion rate optimization hypothesis to clients.
  3. Ability to develop and execute ad campaigns from ideation to emphasis.
  4. Nerve to make inferences and uncover opportunities to increase sales using paid social platforms such as (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  5. Ability to write compelling marketing copy that also contains a researched keyword profile or theme that balances call-to-action messaging with optimized terms for web pages, blogs, and linkable assets.


Gain traffic to landing page, engage visitor with compelling content that is rich and sale-driven and above all make a sale and increase ROIs.

Who is an seo strategist

SEO Strategist/Specialist

SEO Specialist job descriptions

A strategist of search engine optimization carve a niche out of many options and create a systemic in-house algorithmic approach that can solve the overall problem facing a website. You are expected to do the following in style:

  1. Write powerful call-to-action to convert visitors
  2. Review and analyze client sites and provide professional input to solve the suggested problems.
  3. Research, analyze and generate keywords
  4. Perform in-depth analysis and insight key-metrics of both paid acquisition campaign and organic SEO.
  5. Execute website auditing using various tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, and the list goes e.t.c.
  6. Identify the competitor keywords and match it accordingly.
  7. Purify the uncanny and lopsided web page structure and break it into manageable tasks.
  8. Launch the content management pipeline with out-of-the-box strategies
  9. Perform extensive website audit
  10. Develop link building strategies that work
  11. Analyze the reports on the website using the right tool like Google analytics

Content strategist - a content optimization super star

SEO Content Strategist

SEO content strategist

An SEO content strategist is responsible for brainstorming the content type, planning and producing, and promoting contents via various syndicate feeds and social media platforms.

The job expectancy could be:

  1. Create a well-written, original and naturally flowing content for niche websites.
  2. Use latent semantic content to establish relevancy while maintaining the organic flow of contents.
  3. Submitting sites to relevant web directories, social media sites, participation in forums, etc.
  4. Developing & implementing other ways to acquire incoming website links
  5. Prepare monthly Internet marketing campaign reports
  6. Optimize web content for keywords related to client products and services
  7. Use proper keyword density within content without compromising the natural flow of the writing
  8. Plan, coordinate, execute, track and analyze link building initiatives.
  9. Seek quality link prospects and build a relationship along the line
  10. Perform website usability and website conversion rate testing


Create content management pipeline using the most valuable keywords most relevant to trigger and increase the user engagement, boost the user session of the site and stimulate visitors interest to take action.

Pay Per Click Strategist - ppc

Pay Per Click Manager

Pay per click strategist or paid advertiser or call it PPC manager is the kind of SEO practice that requires the tactics to design, develop and manage various PPC campaigns across different clients and platforms which include creating a unique and compelling ad copy, keyword research, bid strategies, and management. 

Last Word.

“An SEO specialist must have a lot on the ball, which implies, dexterity and overly informed about how the web and search engine really gel together to achieve one powerful goal – increase the return of investments and establish a convincing brand promotion that sticks  regardless of the route.”

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