web presence matters

Web Presence

The incorporation of web marketing into the marketing mix is highly beneficial for businesses. A well-designed website coupled with high quality content can be a very instrumental tool for increasing revenue and profitability. It is essential to embrace this digital era by formulating and implementing a strategic marketing plan.

According to Keller and Kotter in their marketing management book, “The digital revolution is profoundly transforming distribution strategies as both individual and business customers are becoming more comfortable buying online. The use of smart phones is exploding while traditional brick-and-mortar channel strategies are being modified or even replaced.”

Market Reach

A website affords the luxury of attracting a large number of potential clients. It increases the visibility of the company and provide a wider platform for conducting business. Having a space on the web means that you can break down national barriers and penetrate global markets.


In order to remain competitive in your industry it is crucial to adapt to the changing demands of the market. It makes a company more accessible because customers can visit your website 24/7 to gain valuable information about your business. A dynamic and interactive website makes it possible to showcase a gallery or portfolio, real time chatting capabilities, online shopping, appointment booking system, subscription services and many more. All these functionalities help to enhance the operation of the business to positively influence its bottom-line.


The image that a company portrays is vital because it becomes a part of branding.  The information found on a website can be a distinguishable factor for potential customers. It can create that competitive edge which ultimately lead to the conversion of potential to actual clients.

In the article E-Marketing – A Global Perspective, Kaur, P. and Pathak A.  mentioned that “the advantages of having an online marketing platform includes superb customer service, greater reach, increased customer loyalty, time saving, accessible information, reduced paperwork and wider variety of payment options due to sophisticated online applications.”

The sustainability of businesses has become dependent on their flexibility in the marketplace as it relates to technological advancement. It is unwise to restrict the growth or limit the earning potential of a business by holding on to outdated traditional business models.




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