Design Process

A professional collaboration that understands client's website goals to manage the design strategy and aesthetic continuity that produce the best result for your business.

We gather your information

We meet with you and gather your project goals and requirements to guide the strategy of the design.

During our meeting, we generate a developing concept to provide a foundation for making visual design decisions relating or relevant to your proposed project.

The good concepts help reinforces strategy and brand positioning that is appropriate for the audience you intended for your business.

We map out different approaches to the developmental stages of design.

Generate site graphic - the comps

We also create UI sketches, and elaborate the wireframes into page mock-ups and apply all the design techniques that generate a unified and visually appealing component for the web.

With comp handy, we present a clear digital phase of the design brief and rough layouts for client consideration. Doing this help both us and you (our client) save lots of time, reach decision fast and help complete the development project on time with clarity.

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Create user-friendly analysis - the semi-production phase.

A well-designed website must be flexible and easily manipulative to create or add more functionality to the existing one without re-work. We do recognize the user analysis techniques as the major fundamental of great design.

Programming the front-end UI (using client-side code such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to create the user experience in term of scalability, flexibility, accessibility, and usability for all users. Organizing, preparing all the collected information into client-centric readable code using stable web technologies.

Test & Review of Files

The last phase of development in the milestones is the testing phase where everything is thoroughly tested, reviewed and approved before making it known to the world.

Once reviewed, website files are uploaded to the server and launched live.

Website Price List
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