Who Is An SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

In my line of work and as an experienced digital marketing specialist. SEO personnel is responsible for creating a full-fledged:

  • Analysis
  • Reviewing
  • and Implementing all relevant search engine optimization strategies

…to cause positive ranking ripple effect across the entire site.

Check Before You Wreck-It

I am confident to draw your curiosity closer by encouraging you to ask some of the following questions before taking any step in launching an SEO campaign.

  • What makes a good search engine optimization professional and
  • How do you identify one
  • The impact SEO guy would have on your business if you hired one.

The primary goal of an online business is to build a reputable brand that sticks. Moreso, to gain a quality ranking that is permanent and return high ROI. On the contrary, some business owners ignore the organic reality of search engine optimization. They prefer the path to the fantasy the paid SEO strategy has got to offer, hoping to buy their way out in the SERP.

What Makes a Good Search Engine Optimization Pro

Building a strong and impressive brand has become increasingly complex. And keeping up with the growing competition in a target industry can be daunting.

Sometimes, the online entrepreneur wants a quick result or a rather flash in the pan positive feedback to their site, which in most cases led many to opt for “buying keywords” for lead generation. The good news is, the SEM strategy is OK, but it doesn’t last for long.

SEM Wouldn’t Cut It For Long

So using a search engine marketing strategy wouldn’t cut it for long if your goal is to gain original visibility and retain loyal or returning visitors to your website. Since a few visitors pay attention to the paid ad anyway, so it’s wise to invest time and money in a trusted SEO expert that can ultimately get you there.

SKOBT Strategies

So what makes a reliable and confident SEO specialist. To answer this, I crafted a simple acronym for myself some time last year when I was working on one internet marketing project, so I called it SKOBT.

SKOBT is a Short Word for

  1. Search engine optimization and digital marketing
  2. Keyword planning, mapping, and strategy with pristine knowledge of HTML
  3. Optimization of web copy and application of the harvested and planned keywords to the web pages.
  4. Backlinks generation and building quality link prospects
  5. Tracking using the best tracking and metric tool to analyze and check for the progress of applied SEO strategies

Don’t Mix Them Up

A search engine optimization pro must be SKOBT compliant and ensure all strategies are exhausted until you reach the goals. But one specific thing I would like to draw readers to is to avoid confusing digital marketing for search engine optimization. 

Digital marketing is responsible for promoting an optimized and search-engine-friendly website to the audience. SEO takes care of the websites and housekeeping of the site’s hidden junks.

How Do You Identify An SEO Specialist

He must practice what he preaches.

Next Article

In my next article, I shall explain the difference between digital marketing and SEO. And why they are interchangeably used to generate quality leads.

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